Next Cassidy Clan Rally: July 2022

We hope to see you at our next Cassidy Clan Rally. It will be held in July 2022 in County Fermanagh.

12 Nov. 2021 Update: We plan to host the Cassidy Clan Rally at the Killyhevlin Hotel in Enniskillen. We have not fixed the dates. It will be in July. We will update this post with the precise dates when they are set.

9 thoughts on “Next Cassidy Clan Rally: July 2022”

  1. My aunt has done some digging on our Cassidy family got as far back as the late 1800s, discovered my son is now the 5th generation of Charlie Cassidy interesting stories, fowl dealers from Bridge Street in Derry City.

  2. Dear Cassidy Clan members and readers,

    Pray much of the world will get vaccinated against COVID allowing borders to reopen, and airlines begin flying, at near pre-pandemic levels. That is less than twelve months away. The pandemic has adversely affected the cashflow or disposable income of businesses, airlines, and miillions of households around the globe. There was a period of time, well before retirement, I travelled to Ireland many times.

    I will be with you, in spirit, at least.

    Best wishes,
    Robert Cassidy,

    1. Hello Robert. This is Kerry Cassidy from Switzerland.
      I’m originally from Gympie, Qld, but fell in love with a gorgeous Swiss Lady and have now spent about half my life here.
      If your coordinates are correct, you are central Tasmania.
      I have been tracing my ancestors and my GGG Grandfather was a John Cassidy. He came out to Australia in Nov 1808 as a Guard on the convict ship Speke. He stayed in Australia and worked at least till 1818 as a guard in Hobart and on ships between Sydney and Hobart. His wife Eleanor stayed most of teh time in Sydney. It is hard to trace him as there were at least three John Cassidys around Sydney and Hobart at that time. I was wondering how far you are with your family research. Some people have a real mix up with family data and the John Cassidys have been mixed up, as are the children.
      I have a home page, Maybe you would like to have a look at that and contact me by e-mail so we can compare notes. I also have my tree on
      I’d like to hear from you.
      By the way we are also friends of Jason Garrett who built up London Lakes, not far from you.
      Best wishes Kerry Cassidy Switzerland

    1. What is planned for the 2022 Rally? What do we need to do to book to attend this? We are about to book our airline tickets for next summer based on attending the rally. Thank you!

  3. I would love to attend the Clan Gathering. My leg of the Cassidy clan have resided in County Laois for seven generations, having originated in Fermanagh in the 1700’s where it appears they were dispossessed and came south firstly to Tullamore to learn the distilling profession. Among many of their professions were law, the Church, farming, business, the arts, medicine.. It is fascinating to see so many generations on, the same skills prevail in the Clan, as it did so many generations ago.

  4. Can you add my to email, I would be interested in going. My ancestors somewhere down the line, changed the spelling, of Cassidy to Cassady,

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