About The Clan

Our Mission

The Cassidy Clan is a non-profit organization based in Ireland, managed by an international Executive Committee of volunteers and consisting of Cassidys, their spouses, descendants and friends from around the world.

The mission of the Cassidy Clan is to promote and foster the interests of the clan at home in Ireland and abroad, including:

  • kinship, friendship and camaraderie among all Cassidys, persons with variations of the Cassidy surname and their descendants;
  • communications among members by collecting, distributing and publishing information about all aspects of the clan;
  • develop and maintain a library and data-base for the use of clan members in tracing their ancestry and family history;
  • research and maintain an archive of materials relating to the clan and their ancestors for the use of clan members, including conducting, promoting, or helping research work into Clan History;
  • identify, mark, and preserve the historical and archaeological sites, treasures, and events relating to the clan, including graves, castles, ancient sites, and residences of ancestors; and
  • bring members together at periodic gatherings (the Cassidy Clan Rally) at the Ancestral Homelands in Ireland.

Na Casaidigh/The Cassidys

A long history of talented Cassidy musicians exists in Ireland and abroad. In particular, we take great pride in Na Casaidigh or The Cassidys, sons of Sean Ó Caiside, the first Chief of the Cassidy Clan.

Cassidy Clan Organization

The clan is headed by the Chief of the Clan, who is referred to or addressed by the title “An O’ Caisideach,” and the officers of the Executive Committee. The “An O’Caisideach” is an honoree position and ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. 

The presiding officer of the Executive Committee is the Chairperson, presently Nuala Cassidy from County Armagh. She is also the Clan Genealogist and an organizer of the Clans of Fermanagh Rally. As Clan Genealogist, Nuala maintains Cassidy records and assists members in tracing their ancestry.

Dr. Cathal Cassidy of County Tyrone is the Clan Treasurer, responsible for the collection and accounting of clan funds, and in charge of the Devenish Summer School program for the Clans of Fermanagh Rally. Brent Cassidy, who lives in Finland and originates from North Carolina serves as Membership Secretary and maintains the Clan database.

Other members of the Executive Committee include Janet Cassidy-Stroh of New York, who is the Eastern North America clan representative. Stephen Cassidy of California is the Western North America clan representative.

Additional members of the Executive Committee include Leslie Cassidy from New York City, Pete Cassidy, a Roslea Cassidy now living in Exeter, England, Noel Cassidy of County Leitrim, Ciarán Cassidy, son of the Clan’s former Honorary Head of Clan, Séan Ó Caiside and a member of the Irish traditional music group, Na Casaidigh, who now resides with family in Austria, and Jason Cassidy of Canada.

The Cassidy Clan is affiliated with the Clans of Ireland, an organization over 80 clans. Nuala Cassidy is the General Registrar and a Director, and Leslie Cassidy is a frequent participant at meetings of the Clans of Ireland. 


The Cassidy Clan was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Colm Cassidy from County Clare, the Chairperson until his death in 1997. With the assistance of Nuala Cassidy and Oliver Cassidy, Colm Cassidy organized the first clan rally in 1991. Colm Cassidy worked enthusiastically for the success of the clan, attending each rally thereafter. 

Founding executive committee of the Cassidy Clan.
Founding executive committee of the Cassidy Clan.

The first “An O’ Caisideach” was Sean Ó Caiside, who was designated honorary Chief of the Clan for life.  Sean served in this position from 1991 to 2003.  With Sean’s passing, his wife Noirin was designated Chief of the Clan.

Sean and Noirin Ó Caiside at the 1998 Cassidy Clan Rally.

In 1995, Nuala Cassidy and Cathal Cassidy organized the clan rally that included for the first time the Devenish Summer School, a series of lectures and discussion on genealogy and regional history. The Devenish Summer School has been a feature of each subsequent rally in or near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. 

In 2000, under the leadership and initiative of Nuala Cassidy, we lobbied local authorities and rasised money for the restoration of an ancient Rath, an earthen fort or enclosure, in the Townland of Cassidy, which is in County Fermanagh, near Irvinestown. The restored rath was dedicated at the 2000 clan rally. This marked a special occasion for us to return to site that a few hundred years ago was likely occupied by Cassidys and other members of the Clans of Fermanagh. 

Nuala Cassidy with her brother Noel at the 2017 Clan Rally where she was installed as Chieftain.