Cassidy Clan Chieftains

The Cassidy Clan is headed by the Chief of the Clan, who is referred to or addressed by the title “An O’ Caisideach,” and the officers of the Executive Committee. The An O’Caisideach is an honoree position and ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

The first An O’ Caisideach was Sean Ó Casaide of the Republic of Ireland, who was designated honorary Chief of the Clan for life. Sean served in this position from 1991 to 2003. With Sean’s passing, his wife Noirin Casaide was designated Chief of the Clan and served as Chief until 2005.

Noirin and Sean Ó Caiside
Noirin and Sean Ó Caiside at the 1998 Cassidy Clan Rally.

Dr. Sheila Cassidy from Australia was inaugurated as An Caisideach inaugurated on Devenish Island at the 2005 Cassidy Clan Rally.

Three years later Philip Patrick Cassidy (known as Pat) from County Fermanagh was installed as An Caisideach, and served as our Chieftain through the 2014 rally.  

Sadly, Pat died in August 2014 and as a mark of respect for his dedication and commitment to the Cassidy Clan organization since 1991, the office of An Caisideach was left vacant.

At our 2017 Gathering, Nuala Cassidy from County Armagh was elected as the new Chieftain. Nuala served as Chieftain until 2023. With her passing, Stephen Cassidy, who was the Tánaiste or Deputy Chieftain, became the Clan Chieftain. Stephen resides in California.

Nuala Cassidy with her brother Noel at the 2017 Clan Rally where she was installed as Chieftain.

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  1. Congratulations !!!
    Sorry I have not been in touch.
    I did not know that you had been inaugurated as Clan Chieftain. When I met you Sean was Chieftain.
    I left 2 posts earlier today.
    Regards to Noel.
    Paraic O Casaide
    Pat Cassidy,

  2. Hello Cassidys,
    My G-G-Grandfather was Patrick Cassidy, the Sexton at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, DC.

    Through his son Peter was born my grandfather Charles.

    Charles was a builder in DC and was tasked to begin building the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, now Basilica, in NE Washington.

    He also built many of the buildings on the campus of Catholic University and the architecturally acclaimed chapel of Trinity College directly across the street from Catholic University..

    His home was in direct sight of the now dome of the Basilica, unfortunately now razed. Here is a link to his house for anyone interested.

    My best to all the Cassidy clan,
    Charles Minear

  3. Hi,
    My great grandfather was John Cassidy born 1899 in the county Fermanagh. He then joined the Irish army about 1916 till 1930 on and off. I’ve managed to find out based on the Irish army census of 1922- he was living at bridge street in Athlone, county Westmeath with his mother known as Mrs Cassidy but there was no first name for her on his army records and I think his father died before that as there was no mention of him. I would like to know what there names were and if he had any siblings and other family members I would like to find out as it has been really difficult at the moment to find out when I don’t know where to look. basically, my great grandfather got married in 1941 to Mary McDermott and had 6 children with her. Based on what my grandfather said before he passed away last year was that his siblings and parents use to visit family members in Fermanagh but somehow that stopped when they got to the age of 10 at least due to his father dying at the age of 58 years old. if anyone could help me or if anyone is connected with someone who has a uncle or a cousin down the line called john Cassidy who was born 1899 would you be able to email me on [email protected] . I would also be able to share some information of mine that I know of. thank you.

  4. Margaret is 1st person in world to reeive covid vacine today she is almost 91 years old and has spent around 60 years in England

  5. Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. My father’s family, after a year in Canada, James and his brother Patrick settled in and farmed land in the Western Reserve (Ohio). Later Peninsula, Ohio! @1835.

    I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and am presently a Judge on the Immigration Court of Appeals in the U.S.

    I would love to join the Clan and hear from others!

    1. Greetings from Roswell, Georgia! My husband’s grandfather was from Canada and then lived in Clayton, NY. His father and grandfather were raised in Ottawa after coming from Ireland to Quebec. We are planning to be at the 2022 Cassidy Reunion in Ireland! We would love to hear from you!
      Tanya Cassidy

  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with discovering my family history.
    My great grandfather john Cassidy born 1899 on a farm in fermanagh and raised till the age of 18-21 then he joined the army and moved to athlone, westmeath ireland.
    He married Mary-Kate mcdermott in 1940
    He had 6 children
    Eamon cassidy 1942-1985
    Mary sanchez nee: cassidy 1944- 2015
    John pascal Cassidy 1947- who is my grandfather
    Phelim Cassidy 1948-1988
    Thomas cassidy 1950-2013
    Philarmena o’ neill nee: cassidy 1953-
    Then died in 1957 in athlone, westmeath
    I want to research more about my Cassidy ancestors, such as my great grandfather parents and siblings and that.
    Much help will be appreciated
    Email me on [email protected]

  7. Hello fellow Cassidy’s,
    In trying to construct our family tree, I have gotten as far back as Frank and Rosa Ann Cassidy circa 1820’s. They were both born in Ireland (probably Fermanagh). They had a son, Patrick Henry Cassidy (1843-1938) who came to the U.S. and settled in the Philadelphia area back in 1865. He was married to Susan McCarthy. They had a son John Joseph (1871-1915) and daughter Mary who sadly passed only a few days after being born (1879-1879). Any help in adding branches to this tree would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Apologies. Francis Murphy and Mary Cassidy were my great-great grandparents.

  9. I am a Cassidy. My grandfather came from Ireland to Scotland as a boy. Lots of stories around that .
    I believe most are lies or mis truths to hide the sad fact they were escaping from famine
    My dad was joseph William Cassidy. My mother was Mary magill. ( she still is at 82 years old).
    Anyway many years later I chose to follow my ancestors and move to the USA. I am now proud to be an American with Scottish/ Irish heritage.
    I would love to hear more about my family. My mum lived in govan / priest hill. My dad had a more checkered past. Left with a dad who wasn’t great. But his auntie were w bit more well to do and lived in better areas in Glasgow.
    Clues welcome.
    [email protected]

  10. My much-loved maternal grandfather was William Cassidy (1900-1969), born in Londonderry and the first son of Michael Joseph Cassidy (1876-1957) and Margaret Mary McCloskey , born in 1872.
    Michael, Margaret and baby William Cassidy moved to Glasgow in 1901. In all, Margaret gave birth to 13 children — including my grandfather, who served with the Royal Irish Rifles in Mesopotamia (1919-1922) and later married Elizabeth Haggerty. Their daughter Ellen, born in 1924, was my late mother.
    Place-names around Londonderry associated with my Cassidy family’s early days include Glendermot, Buncrana and Dungiven.

  11. A big warm Hello to all the Cassidy Clan from Warwickshire in England.
    My Grandfather was Thomas Cassidy from Belcoo, Fermanagh, born 1886 – 1963. `
    My Grandmother was Susan Cassidy born 1882 – 1971.
    Their children were Thomas (My Father, born in 1915-1992), Joseph, Lily, Mary and Margaret Cassidy
    Margaret (Keenan) is the only surviving sibling. She now lives in Coventry and was born in 1931.

    I look forward to the next Clan get together in 2020.

    May God bless you All.

    Chris Cassidy

    1. I’m am Jaren Cassidy. Grandson of Joseph Thomas. I live in Livingston County, in New York.

  12. My grandfather, Edward John Cassidy, was born on the family farm in Drumbar, Donegal Town, County Donegal in 1884. His father, Francis, died young. Edward inscribed his gravestone (set at the Franciscan Friary in Donegal Town) before he sailed to America in 1912. I have walked the farmlands (now disected by N16) and been in the family cottage and outbuildings. The earliest date I have been able to trace them at that cottage is the early 1840’s. How would I find out when they relocated from County Fermanagh and if Drumbar is where they first settled there? Also, how do I find other information about the Fermana Cassidys. I know they lived in the Ballycassidy/Devenish Island area and what is recorded about an ousted priest/bishop(?) and some possible connection to the Annals of Ulster. More information or sources please.
    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

  13. Hi,
    I am a Cassidy descendant and have lots of questions, I went on line and paid my membership money through my paypal account but there was no place to fill in my details so I have paid.

  14. researching my husbands family came across his great grandmother catherine cassidy born circa (1860) her father was james cassidy blacksmith from greysteel.she married thomas coyle in 1883. son james coyle born 1891.they moved to scotland and she died 1893 in greenock scotland. my husbands grandad was james her son…….

  15. My ancestor was William Cassidy, born in Ireland in 1761. He married a Hannah Dees. At some point he immigrated to the US and fought in the Revolutionary War. He Died 7-12-1847 COPIAH CO MISSISSIPPI, and I was wondering if there is anyone who can help me research my family in Ireland?

    1. Hello Beth
      I randomly came across this while doing my own research on William Cassidy – my ancestor. What I can tell you from the copy of my grandmother’s DAR application from 1938 is that he married Hannah Dees in 1802 which would have been after he immigrated and arrived most likely In Pennsylvania- he enlisted with the Pennsylvania Volunteers in July 1783 under the command of Captain James Monroe.
      He and Hannah had at least one son Allen Cassidy born 1806 who married Harriet James in 1839 – he died in 1841. Their daughter was Providence Cassidy Guynes born 1831 and Sarah Emma Guynes was her daughter born 7/5/1852 who married James Tully Biggs – she I had 10 children – one was my grandmother – Elizabeth Cassidy Biggs Ross. So somewhere we are related! Hope this helps – I have been unsuccessful so far in finding the actual place of William Cassidy’s birth but continue to look.

  16. My ancestors (Simon Casady n Eleanor Layton) came from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland to Virginia. I wanted to know who are their ancestors n any other family. My name is Stacey L. Casady McNamar.

  17. I am Jules McCue from Wollongong Australia.
    My great great grandmother was Mary Cassidy from Draperstown ( Ballinascreen) Derry. She left there via Belfast and Portsmoith to Sydney on the Thetis ship in 1848.
    I believe I have located her family from the townland of Cahore which at the top is part of the town near the cross of above town. There were blacksmiths there on Patrick Street througgout the 19th century into twentieth. On her death certificate says father James Cassidy a blacksmith. There is a Nicholas Cassidy who marries at Draperstown ( Ballinascreen), to Isabella McGurk and some children baptised there before moving to Maghera. Others sibblings are Catherine, Patrick and John.

    Also, elizabeth McKlosker did marry Francis Cassidy from Moneyneany another townland close by at Ballinascreen parish. The RCs were being pushed out of town and possible Mary Cassidy’s parents dued in the workhouse. Why else would she come all the way to Australia alone at 20 years of age?
    She married Peter Crean/ Crane and lived all her life at Wellingtin NSW having 7 children.

    1. Greetings Jules. I have not done much research but our Michel Cassidy Came from Draperstown, Ballinascreen as well. Born on May 6, 1748. He was sent to Canada to join the army. Ended up in Goulborn, Ontario, Canada. His son’s name was John “Jack” Cassidy.

      1. Dear Brendy,
        Just found your post!
        I am pleased to say that my latest Ancestry DNA result shows, explicitly, Draperstown/ Ballinacreen in my dna! ( March 2023)

        Do you have any more information?
        1748, Michael Cassidy.

        I believe they were pushed out if Fermanagh during one of the plantations and dispossessions.

    2. Does anyone have any information on the parents and birthplace of Mary Cassidy (1843-1914) who married Francis Murphy (1834-1892) of Desertmartin? They were my great-great-great grandparents. Some say Mary was born in Dungiven, others say in Ballinascreen and others say in Desertmartin.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      Colin Donnelly

  18. Following on from my former post. A little about my late Grandfather.
    Killed in action in France in July 1917, fighting as part of the Northumberland Fusiliers. He was 25 years of age when he was killed, and lived with his parents James and Bridget Cassidy at Rohan, Dunkineely, Donegal, before moving to Glasgow with his young wife, Martha (nee) McKenna, my late grandmother, around 1916. He joined the army to provide an income for his wife. At the time of his marriage, he changed his two Christian names around from “Patrick John” Cassidy to “John Patrick” Cassidy, so his army records record him as “John Patrick” even though he was named Patrick John at birth. I hope this doesn’t cause too many issues when I apply for Irish citizenship. I’m currently trying to get hold of his birth certificate and his death certificate.

    1. If he was killed in action you will get information from the war records in London. My uncle died second World War I got great info also from graves commission

  19. Have just joined the clan membership!
    Although I was born in Scotland, three of my (now deceased) grandparents were Irish and I am, therefore, applying for Irish citizenship. I’d love to hear from others who are doing the same.

  20. My family came to Virginia in1740’s from Ireland then moved to bath Kentucky in early 1800’s Cassity and Cassidy both run in my family my father is ty his brother” dy” one sister ty other dy on birth certificate is how names and lines get all mixed up

  21. Shannon, I’m sure if you ask around some local pubs, someone will know of your Grandfather, enjoy your stay

  22. Hello my name is shannon, my maiden name Cassidy, my grandfather was from Detroit michigan, Richard Cassidy. I am visiting this week 7/9/2016. I know it’s short notice just seeing if anyone might know of his family.

  23. Any info on my great grandmother Mary Cassidy Tully would be appreciated. She was married to John Tully from Cork and had 5 children . Mary, Alice , John, Mike and Pat. My Grandpa was John her eldest. Thank you Eileen

    1. Need info on family connection Cassidy-Tully . Mary Cassidy-Tully before anullment. My mother Mary was her name sake. Thank you. Eileen P Regan

  24. Is there a connection between Casady vs Cassidy?
    My fathers’ name was Glenville Casady and his father was William Casady. My father (Glen) was born in Kentucky (USA) and as a teenager moved to Oklahoma.

      1. I am still very interested in finding a connection between Casady and Cassidy. If there is research that addresses that connection, I would be very interested in reading it.

        1. Hi Norma,

          I would be interested in tracing back to see where our two lines join. I know my direct line back until about 1745 in North America. The spelling “Casady” with the single “s” is so unique that we are most certainly from the same line.

  25. Where do you sign up,to become a member. My husband is descended from John Cassidy born in Cork 1813. We will be at the 2017 reunion.

    1. Thank you for the message. We are working on updating the website and will repost the membership sign up information in the coming month. We look forward to meeting you at the 2017 Cassidy Clan Rally.

  26. My grandmother was a Cassidy and her mother was a Kane from Uniontown, south of Pittsburgh, PA. Would love to visit county Fermanagh!
    – Brian

    1. My great-grandmother was a Casseday from Preston Co., WV, and my great-grandmother on the other side was Rosa (Kane) (1870-1946), daughter of John Kane from Winchester, VA. Rosa lived in Cumberland and later Pittsburgh. Are we related? Email is [email protected]

  27. My wife and I visited Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland April 2014 and plan to attend the summer 2017 clan reunion. Is there anything we should keep in mind as we begin our plans for the trip?

    Thank you so much for this great website too. We searched our geneology with Frank Roofe when we there and discovered amazing information.

    Chris Hughes

    1. Thank you Chris for the compliments. We are working on updating/revising the website and will have further information in the coming months. We expect the 2017 clan rally will be in July or August 2017.

      1. Thank you for your response. Is there anything new regarding the 2017 rally? Also, how do I (and my siblings) become members. Thank You!


    2. he 2017 Gathering of the Clan cassidy will be held in the Killyhevlin Hotel Enniskillen June 30th – July 3rd.
      Please see face book page cassidy Clan-Céad Mile Fáilte for further details or contact Nuala Cassidy [email protected]

  28. Hi! I just came across your site while investigating my husband’s ancestry. How wonderful to have such a great resource!
    We live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but have plans to visit Ireland. We’d love to try and visit during the next rally which, I believe, is going to be in 2017. Just wondering if you have an actual date set for this event. We’d love to join you! Please let me know. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your message. We have not set a date yet for the 2017 rally. It will be in the Summer – in July or August.

      1. I would like to attend with my wife, my mother and my father, please let me know when the date is set for in 2017. I would also like to become a member, thank you.

        1. Thank you. We are working on updating/revising the website and will have further information in the coming months.

          1. My Friend, John Cassidy is coming with me to Ireland in September of 2017. He is most interested in finding out his roots and ancestry history. Can you recommend a good place to start his research?
            thank you,
            ed o’donnell

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