Cassidy Births in Ireland Mapped: 1864 to 1913

Between 1864 and 1913, what was the peak year for Cassidys born in Ireland?  The answer is 1866 with 188 births.

Cassidy births by Year in Ireland 1864-1913, source
Cassidy births by Year in Ireland 1864-1913, source

Here are the totals for Cassidy births during this time period with Cassidy variations:

Cassidy: 7072

Casady: 1

Cassedy: 64

Cassidi: 4

Cassady: 17

Cassiday: 190

Casidy: 31

Casedy: 5

Cassaday: 1

Cassiady: 8

Kessidy: 4

Cassidey: 3

Cossidy: 5

Cashady: 2

Casiday: 2

Kassidy: 2

Kessiday: 2

2 thoughts on “Cassidy Births in Ireland Mapped: 1864 to 1913”

  1. Edward Scanlon married Catherine Cassidy of Killinagh, Cavan County. Their son Edward Scanlon born 1846 in Cavan.
    I have not been able to find a marriage record for the Sr. Scanlon & Cassidy.
    Edward Scanlon left Ireland for Glasgow, Scotland. In 1869 he married Maryann Quin. On the marriage register is states his father name Edward & mother Catherine Cassidy. Other than that record I have no other information.
    Could someone direct me to where a Scanlon/Cassidy marriage record might be? (1830-1845)

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