2020 Cassidy Clan Rally Date & Venue Announced

A Cháirde Dhílis (Dear Loyal Friends) – The Cassidy Clan is pleased to announce the dates and venue for our next rally. The 2020 Cassidy Clan Rally will take place at the the Manor House Country Hotel, Killadeas, Enniskillen for the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July 2020.

August 2023 Update – Due to Covid-19, we did not host a rally in 2020. The rally was postponed to 2022. Visit our Clan Rally page for program details on our July 2025 rally.

The Manor House north of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh will be the site of the 2020 Cassidy Clan Rally.

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  1. Greetings from Australia, Could anyone help me with any information on Sarah Ann love who married her cousin Francis Cassidy in 1880. My husband’s ancestor and his three brothers emigrated from Drumgormly, Co Fermanagh in the 1850s and 1860s. Supposedly they were involved in the Dominick Noone affair. I would love to know how the Loves and Cassidys were related. Your site is magnificent. Your work is a credit to you all.
    Margaret Love

  2. In 2012, the Cassidy Clan gathering was held at Mahon’s Hotel in Irvinestown, north of Enniskillen. Owner, Joe Mahon, is an exceptional character. Only warning is: Read reviews for noise in certain rooms above the bar – and avoid them. Great weekend and worth travelling there for the entertainment, especially if Joe comes and sits to talk with you as he did with as many of his guests as possible. Regrettably for health reasons, the only one I attended, though we did call in briefly in 2017. Back to 2012, around mid day on the first day a cab stopped outside and out came Colin Cassidy – all the way from NZ via Australia. Apparently he was the first Irish-Maori to attend a Clan gathering. He lit the meeting up with his wonderful personality and gave a most interesting talk on the coming together of the Irish and Maoris in NZ. He mentioned the Cassidy from County Meath who was deported to Australia in 1829 for stealing a sheep. On release from the pound built by the British to hold their convicts, he was unfortunately apprehended for committing another act which lead to his further deportation and banishment to New Zealand, where there were no Irish born ladies and the only men were sailors based at the bottom of South Island. He kept us in awe with his explanation of the oral history of the Maoris via the grandfathers.
    Like many who have posted here, I am from Co Clare but only because i married a Clare lady.
    My father was born just a few miles from the ‘epicentre’, halfway between Enniskillen and Belcoo
    Colin, if you are still there – God Bless You.

  3. Hi I need to find cousins and family members that I can start a new life with I’m in pa de md and va if there is family to meet and who are around if you are in these states please text back thanks!
    Dave cassidy and siblings and family

  4. Kia Ora from New Zealand. I too am an ancestor of Thomas Edward Cassidy (refer Maria Haturina post on 2 February 2019). Myself and two of my cousins will be attending the Cassidy Rally in July and would welcome the opportunity to register.
    We are excited to spend this time with you all and to learn more about our Irish ancestory.
    Nga mihi nui ki a koutou.

  5. How do we register to attend the rally? There are 10 of us planning to attend (my husband, Robert Cassidy, 4 of his sisters and their spouses). We will be flying in from Lafayette, LA, USA
    Also, are there other hotel recommendations? It looks like most of the rooms are booked at the Manor House Country Hotel in Killadeas, Enniskillen. We need 5 rooms.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    1. Hi Jackie – Thank you for your interest in attending the rally. We will post instructions on registering for the rally in early 2020. It’s wonderful that you and your family will be coming from the heart of Cajun country to County Fermanagh, Ireland. In terms of hotels other than the Manor hotel, assuming you will have a rental car(s), you might wish to look at the Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel. It is a lovely hotel south of Enniskillen, the main city in the county. Now, the Manor hotel is north of Enniskillen. But it’s only about a 15 minute drive between the two hotels. The Lough Erne hotel is excellent. However, it is on the opposite shore of the lake from the Manor hotel. The distance is about a 20-25 minute drive between the two hotels. There are several hotel options in Enniskillen itself. Take a look at the Belmore Court Motel and the Enniskillen Hotel. Again we are looking forward to seeing you next year in Ireland. All the best, Stephen Cassidy

  6. Hi I’m from Kentucky and have done my family tree. On my mother’s side of the family goes back to Fergus Cassidy. I would love to come to Ireland to visit. Is it easy to get around? I would love to visit the cemeteries.

    1. Betty – Ireland is an easy country to travel in. There are many options including rail and bus. The bus system is extensive and used by locals as well as visitors. Of course, you can also rent a car which is generally cheaper if you know how to drive manual. Automatic cars are available for rent but charged at a higher price. Hope to see you someday in Ireland!

  7. Where do I go to reserve a place in the 2020 gathering? I already have a hotel reservation and plan to attend with my husband who is the original Cassidy of our family and daughter who is a fervent Cassidy.

    1. HI Margo – We will be posting this information prior to Christmas. We look forward to meeting you and your family at the rally.

  8. Yes, it’s still happening! July 3-4-5 at the Manor House Hotel in Killadeas, Fermanagh.
    Follow us on Facebook at The Official Cassidy Clan page for the latest info.

  9. I am a Cassidy by birth from Northern Ireland and have just found out that possibly my great great grandfather came from Co. Clare . would love to attend the gathering and look forward to instructions on how to book and accommodation etc.

  10. How do I join the Clan Cassidy? I was born Alyce Faye Casady – daughter of M J Casady – son of Howard Casady – son of John Casady

  11. Hello everyone!

    I am interested in coming to the clan rally with my wife! I have wanted to visit where my family came from, and this is a great excuse to go!

  12. I hope a Cassity is also welcome even though we spell it different! My wife and I hope to join. My family is from Kentucky and we’d love to learn more about our Irish roots.

    1. Anthony – for the time being we are not charging for membership in the Clan. We used to offer services/products associated with joining the Clan including a certificate of membership and quarterly newsletter subscription. That is no longer occurring. Therefore, we aren’t charging for membership. Everyone is welcome, however, to attend the Clan rally in County Fermanagh in July 2020. We will post the itinerary and create a reservation process in the early 2020.

  13. We are looking forward to getting to know more Cassidy’s! We plan on being at the clan gathering next year!
    Tanya and Fred Cassidy

  14. Kia Ora, I accidentally stumbled upon this page and would love to attend this hui. My family comes off Thomas Theodore, who married our Nanny Maraea, they had our koro Taupaki, from him came Arama “Adam”, from him our popop Simon, then our Pop Charlie, then my dad Awanui-a-rangi then me and my siblings.

  15. Hello fellow Cassidy’s!
    This is Megan Cassidy from Colorado, USA, and I will be attending with my father, John P. Cassidy, and my mother, Margo Cassidy (Cox). I am a registered nurse in the USA and who has visited Ireland in the past, as have my parents, but not all together. My father’s side is from County Clare.
    We are so excited to join you all in such a special event. I have been trying to get out to the Rally for 3 years now, and finally 2020 is my year!

    1. Interesting. My husband’s family also came from County Clare. Bet there’s more than a good chance of some family link. His family emigrated to Canada in the 1800s and settled in New Brunswick and British Columbia. There is a place in NB named Cassidy Lake named after the original settlement Cassidy family.

  16. My Cassidy family came from Ireland and settled in Corryton, TN. I found the original homeplace. It was a cabin located in a valley. In front of the cabin was a modern home, and a relative still lived there. She remembered my family and was so happy she cried. I love my Irish family. I would love to attend if I could. God bless the Irish.

    1. Hi Todd,

      I know Corryton, TN. I provided some medical care out there a few years ago. Pleased of your reunion with family shared in your post. Your presence will be felt at the rally.
      Best, Megan Cassidy

  17. Just learned of the 2020 reunion. Most anxious to learn more, make first trip to Ireland, and experience my heritage first hand. Indeed, the luck of the Irish!

  18. Hello, I’m new to the Cassidy Clan group. Looking forward to finding more about my history. Maybe meeting some family I’m not aware of in Ontario, Canada. Thanks again and I do appreciate all the work involved to bring us our Cassidy heritage.

  19. Fantastic! Kadin and I will be there, and I’m bringing my brother Michael as well. Looking forward to another rally!

  20. Hi my name is Maria Haturini (nee Cassidy) this is what i know of my geneology so far. Thomas Edward Cassidy (4 x great grandfather) came to NZ and married Maraea Te Kuri of te Wao Paehangi, they had my (3 x great grandfather) John Bede Polding Cassidy who married Ani Pehi Cassidy, they had my (2 x great grandfather) Robert John Cassidy who married Merapia Cassidy, they had my great grandfather Pene Cassidy who married Makanihi Cassidy, they had my grandfather Benjamin Kirinoa Cassidy who married Eva Cassidy, they had my dad David Benjamin Tawhiti Cassidy who married my mum Ellen Cassidy, they then had me:). I would love to come to the Cassidy Clan reunion in 2020

    1. Hi Maria it would be great to welcome fellow Kiwi’s and it is a weekend worth attending. We were there in 2017 and hope to bring more of the Cassidy family to 2020 reunion. If you can get a male Cassidy relative to get their DNA done that would be good to build up the Clan research. Sadly we are bereft of Cassidy males and trying to find the Irish root prior to 1813 is very difficult.

      1. Hi Rosie,
        My name is Mark cassidy, from Kilmarnock, Scotland would love to find out about the gathering in July 2020, as I would consider attending, with my cousins and uncles.
        As for the dna test would be very interested in doing this to see where exactly, we came from, and our roots.
        Any information would be welcome.
        Mark cassidy.

    2. Kia Ora Maria – ko Amber Cassidy au. My grandfather is Robert Cassidy son of Pere and Maraea Cassidy from Kaihu. I hope you get to the clan gathering in 2020 would love to hear all about it – feel free to email me [email protected] if you want to connect 🙂

    3. Hi Maria,

      My family are from the same line as yours (Robert John Cassidy was also our great great grandfather) and we live in Hamilton, Waikato. My grandfather Dennis Robert Cassidy died last year. We have been trying to find information regarding our whanau. Any information would be helpful.


    4. Kia ora Maria Haturini! My great grandfather (Robert Gustavus Cassidy) was your grandfathers brother. Our family live mainly in the Bay of Plenty, NZ. I’ve just started trying to get a family tree together and have found heaps online but face to face stories are best…so…would love to touchbase! Any other Cassidy whānau from NZ, feel free to contact me by email [email protected]

      1. Kiaora my names Ngaria Kepa-Tauteka, my grandfather is Robert Gustavus Cassidy, my mum is Lillian Cassidy

    5. Kia ora – I’m related too to Thomas and Maraea. Did the reunion take place? Murray East

      1. Hi – We will host the 2022 Cassidy Clan Rally at the Killyhevlin Hotel in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. The dates will be Friday July 22nd through Sunday July 24th.

  21. I would love to be part of this Cassidy celebration! I’ve been so longing to learn more of my heritage and my great grandfather Hibbard James Cassidy who came to the United States in the late 1800s. This is the side of my heritage I’ve struggled to find ancestry.

    1. Lynn Marie Cassidy definitely worth the effort to attend. I attend the reunion which was held in 2014 and had a good time and intend to be there once again in 2020.

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