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The Port Seal: Wonderful Story Telling from Brent Ó Caiside

Brent Ó Caiside is a member of the Cassidy Clan Executive Committee and has made tremendous contributions to the success of our rallies.

An amazing storyteller, Brent has a smooth and inviting voice. He recently produced his first album, the Port Seal. It is a wonderful collection of timeless traditional, adapted and original stories with music and songs by Brent. The Port Seal is “a joy to the ear and to the senses,” as reviewed by the Irish News. The stories will delight children and adults alike.

We are honored to bring Brent’s album to the attention of Cassidys worldwide. The Port Seal is self published by Brent in CD and digital format. If you wish to purchase a CD, Brent will ship it worldwide for 18 Euro. A digital copy can be purchased for 10 Euro. Contact Brent by email at: bcassidy [at]

Na Casaidigh (The Cassidys) In Concert

The video at this link will bring a smile to all Cassidys worldwide. It is a concert by Na Casaidigh (or The Cassidys) recorded on October 29, 2015 for TG4, the Irish language broadcaster.  Na Casaidigh is a band formed by the sons of Sean and Noirin Ó Caiside.  Sean was designated honorary Chief of the Cassidy Clan for life. Sean served in this position from 1991 to 2003.

Na Casaidigh In Concert

The concert, entirely in Irish, features the brothers joined by the children. It is an absolutely delightful and distinctive treatment of traditional Irish music combined with Na Casaidigh’s  own compositions.

The O’Casaide brothers have been playing and singing together since their childhood in Gweedore, County Donegal.  Since then their harmonies, energy and command of a dazzling number of instruments has placed them in the front rank of traditional Irish.

Na Casaidigh has released five acclaimed albums, including Óró Na Casaidigh, which went platinum and topped the Irish charts for three weeks.   Na Casaidighs appearances in front of U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan in Dublin Castle and Bill Clinton on College Green brought them to the attention of television audiences worldwide.

Noirin Ó Caiside and sons and other family members performing at the 2005 Cassidy Clan Rally.
Noirin Ó Caiside and sons from Na Casaidigh and other family members performing at the 2005 Cassidy Clan Rally.