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  1. I am curious about the specific spelling “Cassiday.” I have heard four things: 1) that it is the Protestant spelling of Cassiday, 2) that it is the “older” spelling, 3) that it is the “Black Irish” spelling, and 4) that there is no real romantic reason for the different spelling and that it is merely a different phonetic spelling. More than one different Cassiday family did tell me that their name meant that they were Protestant and they felt pretty strongly about it. Anything to this? Are there any Cassidays still in Northern Ireland? Please email me.

    1. My grandfather added the A after the depression. He and his brothers had a joint investment and he lost his investment. We are Cassidays and we are Catholic. 🙂

    2. Dear Bob
      The reason for many various ways of spelling Cassidy is easy to understand if you turn back the clock. I presume it was the same in the USA and other places as it was in Australia. Many of the immigrants could not read or write, so when they were asked their name for the records, it was up to the clerk to spell their name. It causes consternation when doing family research, as in my own case, the name of the mother changes from records of one child to the next. Ellen – Eleanor!
      Cassidy, Cassiday, Cassedy etc.
      One has to be flexible when researching.
      Good luck, Kerry

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